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Monthly Digest - February Issue

Platform News (technical side)

Just like January, February was a busy month for us. After the kick-off in January, last month we kept working on the GSW Homomorphic encryption.


As for the fountain development, we managed to finish the distribution coding, testing is ongoing. NAT punch coding is also in the works.


Regarding storage and databases, we implemented fractal-indexing technology and RUST implementation as well.


As for the overlay network, we successfully tested synchronization, the next step is to continue with simultaneous synchronization tests.


Our private blockchain on GitHub got an update and new elements are available in the its_alive repo.

We also decided to integrate Chainlink, a decentralized oracle network that enables smart contracts to securely access off-chain data feeds, web APIs, and traditional bank payments. By bringing Chainlink’s market-leading oracle solution to QANplatform, QAN developers will be able to build more complex smart contract designs that leverage resources from outside the QAN blockchain platform.


Attended Events

Blockchain Economy Istanbul was a very compact and well-organized event in Turkey. The accommodation and the event hall were in one place so the team had the chance to maximize efficiency. We did meet and speak with a lot of Turkish Crypto enthusiasts at our booth, what is more, Johann had his keynote right after Bobby Lee. Behind the scenes, we had the chance to meet with a couple of important stakeholders from this beautiful and exciting country.


Important interviews, PR mentions, Marketing progress, Community

Announcement about the integration of Chainlink:



Hacker Noon asked our opinion on the next steps to be taken toward blockchain mass adoption:



Yahoo Finance and Enterprise Times (among others) featured our press release about the Chainlink integration on the QAN blockchain platform:



New team members

The IT Team has been extended with 2 new members. 


Zack – István Molnár – has joined to work not just on QAN’s frontend and backend tasks and development items, but also working closely with QAN’s marketing team on various frontend development-related items as well. Zack came from a multinational company dealing in telecommunications.

Additionally, Katamori – Zoltán Schmidt – has joined the team to represent the backend developer community as well. Since joining, he has been heavily working on containerization solutions involving our platform and our website as well.


Business news

In collaboration with Swiss Wide, our team presented QAN to almost 30 qualified investors from the Zürich area.


The Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan invited QAN specifically as the only crypto project to the Cyber Week in Baku. Silur, our head of cryptography explained the real upcoming threats in cybersecurity with the arrival of quantum computers.

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