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Monthly Digest - November Issue

In our Monthly Digest, we summarize what we have been up to in the previous month.

Let’s start with November!

Platform News

We worked hard on building the QAN blockchain platform. 

The demo version is ready, we plan to make it available to the public in December, the technical documentation is also ready and is awaiting public release.


We have created a smart contract test environment with the aim to enable developers to upload smart contracts coded in different languages (Rust, C, C++), and test the correctness of their code. This new website feature will be published in December.


We are also making continuous improvements based on the feedback of our website visitors. We regularly post informative articles on our blog and you can also check out the events we attended on our Events page.

Attended event

The QAN team was very busy in November. Within one month, we have presented QANplatform at numerous events.

The November roadshow started with the Websummit in Lisbon where we attended intriguing presentations and visited the IT-technology forerunners’ booths. At the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit, we were exhibitors with our own booth. We had the pleasure to introduce the QAN blockchain platform to representatives of our niche and blockchain enthusiasts. In Singapore, we attended 3 events, we visited the SFFxSWITCH one of the biggest fintech conferences in the world which is free to entry, The Capital conference organized by Coinmarketcap and QAN was exhibiting at Blockshow. We also organized a meetup where developers could ask the two co-founders, Silur and Johann Polecsak anything. The final station of November’s roadshow was Dubai where QAN had the privilege to present our innovative blockchain platform to the attendees of the Ritossa Global Family Office Investment Summit.


Most important interviews, PR mentions, marketing progress, our community

Business news

Our company received the license for Providing a virtual currency wallet service and for Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency.

We worked on building investor relations after Ritossa Investment Summit in Dubai.

Exchange listings

Negotiations are in progress with various partners for Asia and South America.

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