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QAN Roadshow

Malta Delta Summit

Malta is the place to be if you are looking for one of the most innovative and forward-thinking regulatory scenes when it comes to blockchain technology in Europe. This is one of the reasons why some of the most prominent conferences in our industry are being held there. 


QANplatform started its event roadshow on this beautiful island and we could not complain as a competitor, presenter, and round table participant.       


Our team met dozens of companies interested in partnering up with QAN from different areas, for example, numerous exchanges were interested in our IEO. Silur did his keynote about “What the future will bring for the industry” with such rock stars from the industry as Susan Oh.


Delta is perfect for companies to deep dive into networking. What we did. QAN got invited to two closed-door dinners with two different companies where we talked about how to do business together in the future.


Malta Blockchain Week

After a few weeks of hard work back in the office, we returned to Malta as exhibitors again. The Malta AI & Blockchain Summit was a more ideal event from the point of view of logistics as it was held in the Intercontinental at St. Julians. This way, the accommodation and the expo were only an elevator away. Although it was a blockchain week the team met a lot of interesting people outside of the industry. Many side events made the concentrated expo days lighter, for instance on the last night Akon, the Grammy award winner rapper performed a great show. 


Our QAN energy drinks were very well received again but not just that, the Keynote of Johann (our CTO) was refreshing for the attendees at the mainstage.


Singapore Blockchain Week

If you haven’t been to Singapore, put it on your travel plan! It is a fabulous destination not just because of its vibrant business community but also because of its unique architectural and social beauty. Just to see the old and new creating a perfect balance is real delight.  QAN spent 5 days in Singapore, we visited the SFFxSWITCH, one of the biggest Fintech conferences in the world which is free to enter, The Capital conference organized by Coinmarketcap and QAN was an exhibitor at Blockshow At SFFxSWITCH, we were bold enough to pitch the QAN blockchain platform to IBM, Deloitte, Google (Pay and Clouds), GrabPay and Amazon. We cannot tell more but a great conversation got started.  On the first night, the team attended an Investment Reception organized by Biki.com. The team met prominent Chinese VC’s and investment funds and also examined Biki’s strategy on the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets. On the second day, Johann gave interviews to AltcoinBuzz and Ivan on tech Finally, 2 days of exhibiting started at Blockshow. We had the chance to speak and establish relations with interesting people and projects, and also to listen to very high-quality keynotes and roundtables, we especially liked the keynote of Praxxis about cybersecurity.  There was so much going on in the city that there were moments when all of our 4 team members attended different meetings and events. We finished our Singapore journey with an invitation-only developer meetup.  Singapore is just the perfect place to take the pulse of the Asian blockchain and fintech market. So if you are involved in the industry in any way, it is a must go for you.


The team also traveled to Dubai to accept the kind invitation of the Ritossa Family Office and be a participant of their 10th Ritossa Family Offices Summit. This conference was organized specifically for family offices and investment funds, plus selected projects had the chance to present themselves. QAN was one of these, so Johann highlighted what QAN is about in front of numerous prestigious families, such as the Rockefeller family. 


In the meantime, we secured 2 private meetings with two local royal offices. Local partners really understand where technology is going and the UAE would like be the first to implement the newest inventions, so we were warmly welcomed and we found open eyes and ears. These were our first steps in developing further partnerships around the region. 


The QAN team attended two events in Switzerland, the Caspian Week and the Global Blockchain Business Council in Davos. We were able to raise the interest of many blockchain enthusiasts so we decided to organize our own invitation-only event where we can introduce QANplatform to them in detail. The event happened in February.


Blockchain Economy Istanbul was a very compact and well-organized event in Turkey. The accommodation and the event hall were in one place so the team had the chance to maximize efficiency. We did meet and speak with a lot of Turkish Crypto enthusiasts at our booth, what is more, Johann had his keynote right after Bobby Lee. Behind the scenes, we had the chance to meet with a couple of important stakeholders from this beautiful and exciting country.

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