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[ANNOUNCEMENT] QARK token tradability

The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and its global outbreak have a severe impact on our health and daily lives. The crisis directly affects the economy resulting in Wall Street’s worst day in 30 years and seeing crashing markets. Both traditional and crypto exchanges are suffering.


Governments have started to work out plans that can fight the recession, revive the economy and try to protect the newly unemployed.


Considering the above, we decided to postpone the date of QARK token tradability at least till June 30, 2020.


We have to protect our product. In such an extreme period, we cannot expose it to the market fluctuations that disregard the real values. If the start is weak, it takes long until the market raises QARK to its true value.


We have taken the necessary steps to be able to advance with the development of our future-ready blockchain platform. Our team is working from home and we will proceed according to plan.


We will keep updating you about the development and business news on a regular basis.

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