1. Why does QANplatform have and need a token?

QAN’s native token, the QARK Token is an essential part of our platform. It has the following functions:

    1. Generic smart contract developers get QARK after their code is being reused by the Specific Smart Contract Developers.
    2. All developers pay for their smart contract deployment in QARK.
    3. Specific smart contract developers pay a fraction of the full price as a license fee to the Generic Smart Contract Developers in QARK.
    4. Validator pays a deposit fee in QARK to enter the pool of validators who have the right to validate the following block.
    5. Full node providers get a reward in QARK for giving access to their storage for the blocks to be validated (tokens generated by the network), in proportion to the storage actually used by the blocks. 
    6. Smart contract users pay for transaction fees. Fees are fixed in FIAT, long term predictable. (All operations which modify data require payment of a transaction fee.)

What kind of a token is QARK?

QARK is an ERC-20 Ethereum utility token. 


3. Where can I buy QARK?

You can buy QARK token on VinDAX exchange. Further exchanges for trading will be announced continuously

4. What is the price of a QARK Token if I want to buy it now?Check the current QARK Token price on CoinMarketCap.
5. I have QARK. When and what can I do with it?
      1. If you earned QARK by taking part in the token challenge, then, first of all, we thank you for your support! You can use and trade your tokens just like any other QARK Token holders.
      2. If you bought QARK during the IEO on BitBay, you will be able to start trading after June 30, 2020, and will be able to use them on the platform when the public mainnet goes functional.
6. What is the raised amount used for?
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