QANplatform shifts your business
into a higher gear.

How can your enterprise be one step ahead?

Your company benefits from these unique features.

  • Unbreachable Security
  • Developer-Friendly Environment
  • Real-time transactions on the blockchain
  • Energy-Efficiency
  • IoT Device Compatibility

What are the advantages of the blockchain for your enteprise?

Among the uncountable advantages of the technology, here we highlighted our favorites.


Blockchain is a distributed ledger. The time-stamped entries cannot be erased or changed subsequently so authorized personnel can look back and review transactions.

Improved data security

Blockchain systems are cryptographically secured consequently the system is impossible to breach.

Fast decision making

The businesses can pre-set conditions on the blockchain via smart contracts. The automatic transactions are executed when all the conditions are met.

Overall cost reduction

Owing to the automatization of data transfer and therefore the omission of any unnecessary middleman, the cost of a blockchain-based can be kept low.

How can the blockchain help
accelerate your business?

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How to integrate QANplatform?

QAN is prepared

To integrate standard and tailor-made solutions of the public QANplatform blockchain into existing “offchain” companies’ IT systems: financial solutions, Service Providers, and other industries.

To develop and integrate private blockchains for third parties with special solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

A blockchain is an immutable time-stamped series record of data that is distributed and managed by a cluster of computers. This technology allows to run decentralized applications, smart contracts, and to transfer cryptocurrencies.

As a distributed public ledger, blockchain technology has several advantages over the current, traditional systems: 

  • Transparency – it is a distributed ledger therefore all network participants can share the same information and documentation.
  • Security – all transactions are recorded, approved, and encrypted as a list of information all on blockchain and since the data cannot be deleted or altered, authenticity is unquestionable.
  • Traceability – the recorded data on blockchain can be traced back anytime.
  • Increased Speed – owing to the automatization within the blockchain system transactions can be carried out instantly, without the intervention of any third party or intermediaries.
  • Reduced Costs – by applying blockchain technology, omitting any third party within the decision making processes and reducing the necessary documentation operational cost can be reduced.

Wide range of industries can profit from these benefits. There are several industry use cases from finance, health, real estate, automatization and logistics.

Smart contracts are digital protocols which automatically carry out agreements if the conditions of the parties involved are met.

The main difference between the two blockchains is that the public one is permissionless – i.e. in the given blockchain anyone can read, write, and participate – while the private one is permissioned, which means participation is restricted to certain authorized people.

Since the data in the blockchain is transparent, immutable and yet cryptographically protected, it cannot be corrupted by design. Moreover, blockchain systems have to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which further strengthens trust in the system.

Transaction data is available for anyone participating in the system if the blockchain is public. If the blockchain is set private, only the authorized people can have access to the information stored on it.

QANplatform has been designed from scratch to be secure against all known quantum-breaking algorithms and related attacks. The applied algorithm is resistant to any breach attempts of both classical and quantum computers.

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